Shoe shopping can be the highlight of your day or a dreaded chore you just want to get done. Whether you are trying to talk yourself out of it or need to find any reason to justify getting another pair of shoes, we have looked into when to get new shoes and why. Read on to find out when you should buy a new pair of shoes, from health reasons to fashion motivations.You have sore feet Shoes shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Many people think that ha… Read more
Just because you're spending more time in the house or working from home doesn't mean you should neglect your feet!We have all been there at some point over the last year.. You find out we are going into yet another lockdown and you pack away your stylish going out boots and heels and get out your run down pair of slippers preparing to wear them all day everyday.The good news is if you are stuck in lockdown or you work from home, we have a great… Read more
We all know that feeling… coming home from a long day at work and taking your shoes off to find that your feet are burning!To help, we’ve compiled the best four shoes from one of our favourite brands, Frankie 4 Footwear, to help you look stylish AND be comfortable all day long. It’s a win-win!First up, introducing Elizabeth. Think of these shoes as your classic ballet flat, but much better. They are designed with arch support, an adjustable foref… Read more
Whether you have a little one starting Kindergarten or have been doing the school mum thing for quite a while, the world of school shoes can be overwhelming! So many questions… What brand? What style? When to buy them? What to look out for? How much to budget? Here’s some tips to take the stress out of school shoe shopping.Plan AheadOur number one tip? GET. IN. EARLY!We’re not here to remind you to pick up the pencils and paper (although if y… Read more

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