Battle the cold weather while taking care of your precious feet daily with the best winter shoes for plantar fasciitis. Imagine waking up with foot pain on a winter morning and then heading out to work. For men and women with plantar fasciitis, this is a complete nightmare. But the good news is that specialised winter shoes for plantar fasciitis can help alleviate the piercing agony caused by the condition and help keep your fee… Read more
Sandals are the perfect footwear for warmer weather, coming in thousands of stylish shapes and designs. With so many options available, it’s no surprise that these shoes are considered to be some of the trendiest bits of footwear for the warm season. But not all sandals are created equal. Many people are unaware of just how many styles there are, from high heels and flats to pullovers and sleeves. Finding a properly fitting sandal that’s bot… Read more
Once considered a fashion faux pas, having a comfortable pair of thongs while travelling is essential. Aside from being undeniably comfortable, thanks to their featherweight design, flexible straps, contoured footbeds and improved arch support, you should consider adding a podiatrist-approved pair to the top of your ‘to pack’ list.A quick and easy shoe choice that pairs well with any casual and relaxed outfit, waterproof travel thongs have a thic… Read more
Whether you’re heading from the beach to the yoga studio, enjoying a long stroll by the water, dressing for a hot summer's day or sporting work-appropriate attire, you can never go wrong when you slip into a pair of sandals. A must-have staple for the warmer months, sandals offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, sensibility and practicality.From chic flip-flops that elevate your casual, free-flowing outfits to dainty, wedge-heeled sandals tha… Read more

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